Testing of a Price Quotation Application

October 1, 2018 | Published by


  • Client was facing major Performance issues in WebALC – Pricing Quotation Application.
  • Application response was very slow, instability resulting in hang-up during peak business hours.
  • Identify Performance Testing tool, best suited for business and technology needs (e.g. Flex and Web Services Support)
  • Identify the bottlenecks and improve application performance
  • Development of Performance Framework, and Test Scenarios to proactively monitor and address performance issues.
  • Validate hardware requirements for the application, and for estimated load


  • Performance testing team evaluated various tools and shared the report, and recommendations with client
  • Analyzed the application and identified performance scenarios
  • Benchmarked performance results, Identified key bottlenecks and defined Improvement Scope Server Monitoring Utilities/Tools also used to pinpoint the problem area.
  • Identified potential improvement areas using performance analysis
  • Continuous monitoring of performance for each result, and providing all inputs to client for GO/NOGO release decision
  • Generating performance report for every release
  • Helping analyze the issues and fix performance problems


  • Met performance requirements as defined
  • Improvement in Application performance
  • Proactively identied any new performance issues