Why Businesses Are Now Adopting Mobiles Apps?

May 20, 2018 | Published by

From small businesses to multinational corporations, organizations have undergone strategy shifts i.e. from being website-centric to becoming mobile-first.

As per the reports, the global mobile app market will reach an estimate of US $4.90 billion by the end of 2020. Technology has transformed even the smallest tasks of our daily lives. Mobile apps, unlike other technology solutions, are easy to access and operate.

An average human being spends around 120 minutes per day browsing the internet on his/her phone as compared to 70 minutes of desktop browsing. And we are talking about internet browsing only. The time ratio will ultimately increase to information sought, work completed, messages exchanged, communications activated, and so many more things.

So the dire need of shifting towards mobile app seems legit for the businesses.

Reasons why businesses are shifting towards mobile apps –

Users spend more time on mobile apps than the browser:

The ratio is smartphone users across the globe are increasing day by day at a higher rate. There is a 21% hike in the number of smartphone users in 2017 as compared to 2016. With technology getting cheaper mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, etc are becoming cheaper. Also, accessing games and social media platforms are easy with their mobile versions.

Helps in creating a direct marketing channel:

Mobile apps offer numerous functions such as providing general information, booking features, prices and availability, search features, messengers, user accounts, news feeds, and more. A business can provide all the information to its customers such as promotions and special sales right at their fingertips. The push notification feature seems like more than a direct interaction.

Helps in Building the Brand and Recognition:

The businesses can benefit from brand awareness using mobile apps. Building apps with features specific to the target audience help with product branding. It is even more loved by the customers if the app looks stylish, functional, and informative. More the customers use the app, the more they will start to recognize it and ultimately they will be inclined towards buying certain products and services offered by the business.

Helps in Enhancing Customer Engagement:

Your business will not attract its potential customers if it fails to reach them. It doesn’t matter whether you are selling insurance or offering banking services; your customers need a way to reach you. If your customers find the products and services you are selling suitable to their needs, they will certainly try to reach you. Having a messaging feature in your app will surely enhance the customer engagement. The customers will find it easy communicating with you via text messages than phone calls.

Mobile apps are faster than websites:

The best thing about the mobile app is that you don’t have to open a browser and search its name for using it. Simply open the app and start performing the operations. It is easier to perform financial and other actions on a well-designed app as compared to websites, including its mobile version. Websites use web servers for storing their data whereas app store the app data locally on the device itself.