Why you need Microsoft Azure Cloud Migration

May 17, 2018 | Published by

Microsoft has taken center stage in providing cloud based services. The company has the elements required to build and deliver applications and services for a global audience. Microsoft has virtual machines which can host your services and apps if they are in your data center. Azure saves expenses and overhead on software, hardware and cost of in-house expert through their managed SQL databases. You can also manage group authentication, policy and any other important function remotely through Azure Active Directory. This makes existing and moving security totally or partially to the cloud quite easy with just a few clicks. Visual Studio Team provides an all-round application lifecycle management solution in the cloud. Developers can perform loading, testing, deliver apps to production, track and share changes in codes.

Time and time again, industry experts have said that static data centers are slowly fading away. The on-premises data centers are being replaced by affordable and efficient cloud services. Many cloud service providers have emerged which has provided a pool of options to choose from. Azure is one of the best cloud based solution in the world today. The following benefits highlight why Azure is the best.

  • Flexibility – By using the cloud service, you can increase your data storage capabilities and add some new services within a short time. Static data center requires new OS, new hardware and deployment and provisioning before bringing in new power to bear against IT challenges. Organizations of any size can enjoy Azure’s cloud services.
  • Cost efficient option – Azure solutions make it easier and faster to add infrastructure at a pocket friendly price. Infrastructure devices and physical services such as load balances and routers among others cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. On top of that, you need an experienced IT expert to help you run the equipment. The charges incurred by experts are high. By using Azure, you take advantage of the expertise and infrastructure provided by the cloud service provider. This trims your overall IT budget for the year with hundreds or thousands of dollars.
  • Disaster recovery strategy – Data is quite important for every business. If any data is lost, it could lead to revenue loss in business. The longer it takes for the data to be recovered, the higher the risk of losses. Microsoft Azure has geographically decentralized and high speed infrastructure makes it easy to recover any lost data. Make sure that your data and critical applications operate from redundant sites when recovering data. The Azure data recovery process takes minutes or maximum hours unlike other cloud service providers who take days to recover the data.
  • Fast and efficient in developing apps – Azure provide services like Visual Studio Application Insights, Visual Studio Team Services and a scalable storage good for ‘cold’ and frequently accessed data. This makes it easy to develop and test applications within a short time. The developed applications are further distributed through a global network.

Their regular services and applications, vast infrastructure and its powerful presence in the global  IT market has made Azure a favorite to many companies.