Witness A Technological Revolution In The Cricket World With AI & IoT

June 15, 2019 | Published by

Have you guys witnessed the frenzy surrounding the Smart Bat? It is here to entirely change the way that cricket has been played, coached and watched till now. (WHAAAAT!)

The super-amazing Smart Bat is so special because it can provide real-time data about a player’s performance depending on different criteria like the speed of the ball on impact, the impact of a twist and the quality of the shot subjective to the ball, in real-time. Can’t believe it? Keep reading to know more about it.

What is this, you ask.

The bat was born from the simple idea of using non-intrusive sensor technology on cricket bats. At the center of this technology is a lightweight sticker glued to the shoulder of the bat.

This sticker is an entirely new way to provide fans with a fun method to engage with the sport. The technologies used are seamless and keep in mind the followers perspective.

How does this impact the viewer?

The viewer gets to experience the game without any breaks. This revolution has been brought about with a futuristic vision, using real-time sports analytics which doesn’t obstruct the player.  It’s based on a fresh operating system for IoT applications that stores and processes the data.

AI and IoT Is Now A Boon For The Players, Coaches, And Viewers

Really soon, we’ll end up changing the way cricket lovers and players experience the sought after sports of “CRICKET”. Wondering how?

This new Smart bat with the sensor embedded in it can deliver every minute detail about the player’s performance, which can be put to use in everything starting from improving the player’s playing skills and training. Therefore, better scouting.

The player gets to practice upon his weak areas that have been recorded, even the coaches can provide training based on it. Most importantly, it helps enhance the speed at which the bat is swung. The batsman is able to measure the speed at which the ball should be hit and the run rate magnifies at a tremendous speed.

BONUS, fans and cricket enthusiasts enjoy watching these minute statistics based on which they choose their favorite players and compare their performances.

We have already witnessed the impact that connected devices have in other industries, with the progress in our AI and cloud services, this is just the beginning of what’s possible for not only cricket but almost all sports in the world.

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