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As per IRPA, Most IT infrastructure support jobs will be eliminated over the next three years, already there are deployments where there was 60+% in labor automation including IT help desks, data center and server support, network support, and other areas of IT maintenance.

It is expected that by Year 2022 the RPA market potential will be $5Bn+. RPA is most suited for areas like Back office teams, shared services, processing centres, F&A, HR, procurement, supply chain, customer experience, Business process outsourcers, banks, healthcare, utilities. The ideal tasks and procedures that can be enabled by RPA should be structured, rule based, repeatable computer based tasks, accessing one or more systems to complete a process, performing decisions and algorithms

While PureSoftware has built a number of be-spoke BOTS for its customers it  has also partnered with Automation Anywhere and invested in a CoE to implement RPA for more complex business and IT processes cutting across verticals like Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, Telecom, HR/Payroll, Supply Chain etc.

Q BOT - Rapid Solution for Quotation Management

AUTOBOT - Test Automation





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